Diabetes is an atrocious disease which requires close monitoring. Almost every diabetic individual should have a diabetic test strip kit to check the blood sugar level. There is always wastage of this diabetes test strip after a person chose his/her favorite. This test strip has a very short life, and one has to get rid of the kits that are not in use. Even the real test strip kits are thrown into the pit. There are very many diabetic individuals who are diabetic buy they cannot afford to purchase not even one kit because of poverty. Nowadays there are many organizations that do purchase such supplies. Instead of throwing available testing glucose levels test strip kit, it is better you sell them to this organization if they are not expired. 

Most of the individuals do keep a lot of test strip kits in their homes so that they can test themselves when a need arises. They do take the kits for a regular period. Thus they find themselves with many boxes which are unused and unexpired. They should consider donating the tests to the involved company so that people who don't have can get one. 

Individuals who buy diabetic test strip are in business to make money. The most of the result is that they are in need, but they have no money to purchase one. Most of the donors do purchase such test strips and distribute them to the unfortunate families or charities. They are also in business because they also have diabetes.  It is advisable to know the type of person you are dealing with since you might do a repeated business when it comes to pricing the test boxes. This makes you have a friendship with people you feel are trustworthy and honest. Every seller wants to maximize the profit by selling the test strip kits at a very fair price. The best way to sell is to look for a person who will give you the highest payment and offers to get in touch with them. You should regularly check if reimbursement is done to you for shipping the boxes. Check out http://diabetesindogs.wikia.com/wiki/Blood_glucose_testing to understand more about diabetic test strips. 


It is advisable not to get extra boxes of diabetic test strips kit. If you sell your pieces to someone who will make other see the benefit of them, it is to your added advantage for you will get more customers. To learn more about how to sell your diabetic test strip kits, visit a Diabetes website. Get prescription for diabetic test strips here!